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Professional Web and Application Development

Digital Zen Works offers web design, application development, Project Management and IT consulting. We can combine these together working on projects, big or small.

Digital Zen Works staff is highly experienced in professional IT project management, software development and web design with extensive knowledge and experience in PC, mobile and web industries. We take an overall and systematic look at a customer needs.  

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Tokyo Website Design and Application Development
Digital Zen Works specializes in complete web design and development. Our designs can effectively market your company with an exceptional web site, insuring that your site will not only look good but will be intuitive to use, fast, and highly functional. We can develop highly complex custom back end solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

We can design your Website from the ground-up or take existing promotional materials and re-factor them for the Web using the latest professional design practices. Depending on the nature of the project and customer needs, we will use a variety of existing frameworks, packages and libraries.

  • Latest Technologies and Standards – HTML5 and CSS3 Based Sites

    We work with the latest technologies and standards. This allows us to produce clean, accessible, standards compliant code that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. We use the latest Analytics tools for tracking the movements of your site visitors. This helps determine how to optimize the experience of your visitors. We can train your staff to use these tools also.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Responsive design is now quite the ‘buzz’ these days. A responsive design is one where that presents the most optimized view regardless of the device (web, mobile, etc.) used for viewing the site. This is often called ‘mobile friendly’.

  • Blogging and CMS sites

    These are, perhaps, the most common sites on the internet, using systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. However, they can be rich, complex and varied. We can help you get started using these systems or, if already using, getting the most out of these systems.

  • Shopping Cart & E-Commerce Based Sites

    We are skilled in building complete, full-scale e-Commerce solutions that features your merchandise, paid through various payment getaways, such as PayPal or other credit-card handling gateways. These contain a full administration site that will allow you to easily maintain the products and content on your site, as well as, assist in your accounting.

  • Mobile Sites

    We can make sites specifically targeted for the mobile market.

  • SEO & Web Analytics

    Today’s search engines have matured enough where ‘cheap tricks’ aren’t going to help your rankings in the search engines. You will need real and rich content presented in the right way. We have a whole system that we can introduce and teach your staff to use, in order to increase your rankings. We can manage or teach your staff on how to manage your web analytics to see what strategies and techniques are working to gain customers.

  • Social Networking Services (SNS) Platform Integration

    Connect your Facebook, twitter, linkedIn pages and groups to your site through a variety of options.

  • Security Updates

    Recently, there have been a series of security hacks in the popular software and packages. If you are concerned that your site has been affected by these or just want to make sure your site is secure, please contact us. We can get the hackers out of your site and keep them out.

  • Maintenance and updates of existing sites

    Digital Zen Works can provide fixes and updates to your specification. For ongoing maintenance support, we could provide a qualified and skilled IT Professional who could work on site or have a very visible on-line presence (think Skype), would send work reports on regular basis. These charges are normally a fraction of the cost of having a full-time engineer taking care of this.

Desktop Applications Development go here

Tokyo Website Design and Application Development
If your company needs custom desktop applications or if you are interested in releasing retail applications to the world, whether it be for Windows, Mac, Linux or all of the above, Digital Zen Works can provide the actual development for you, as well as, planning, specification and market orientation. This is one of our strongest and most experienced skills.

Office Automation – MS Excel and Outlook Office Automation - MS Excel and Outlook

Office Automation - MS Excel and Outlook
If your company needs custom solutions to streamline the work-flow of your office, Digital Zen Works can help. In particular, we specialize in MS Excel and Outlook automation. This includes, automatic printing, syncing your Excel and Outlook data to your web and database servers, exporting your web data into friendly formatted excel files or email reports, custom reminders and custom tools.

Contacts Management Solutions Contacts Management Solutions

Contacts Management Organization
Digital Zen Works can help you organize your contacts in the following ways:
  • Consolidate your business contacts from various sources (web accounts, SNS services, CSV and Excel files, business cards, email programs)
  • Synchronize contact sources and develop a system to keep them synchronized
  • Clean up and remove old, malformed and irrelevant data
  • Properly merge together same contacts
  • Teach you systems to keep them synchronized, clean, and up-to-date on all systems that you use

PC File and Backup Management PC File and Backup Management

PC File and Backup Management
Digital Zen Works can help you get rid of your data bloat, provide systematic approaches to automatically and consistently backup your data, streamline your access to your most important data and keep your chosen data synchronized between PCs. An example of this merging 5 copies of a file that are not quite the same, backups with key files being missing, removing duplicate and excess files

Project Management Project Management

Project Management
Digital Zen Works can provide mature Project Management solutions, including agile approaches, both for new and existing projects, including product feature and specification creation, as well as, consultation on your business IT needs and processes, including your web site focus and orientation.

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