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Web, Mobile & Application Development - Tokyo, Japan


James John McGuire

James John McGuire


Digital Zen Works specializes in software development, including web and mobile site design and development, as well as application development for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop applications and mobile applications specifically for iPhone and android devices. Digital Zen Works staff are highly experienced in professional IT project management, software development and web design with extensive knowledge and experience in PC, mobile and web industries. We take an overall and systematic look at a customer needs and would love to help you out!.

Digital Zen Works experience includes:
  • Over 24 years experience in professional software development for both applications and web sites
  • 23 years experience programming Microsoft Windows
  • 21 years of object-oriented programming, primarily with C++, Java, and C#
  • 20 years of Internet programming experience
  • Over 27 total years of programming experience