iTunes installer has been broken for quite a while, at least for me, running on Windows 10. With a little bit of research, I found it is easily fixable. So, I made a script (batch file) to fix the installer and run it. All it does is extract and then run the separate installers.

Here is the script:
cd C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads

if not exist iTunes (md iTunes)

CALL COPY /Y iTunes64Setup.exe iTunes
cd iTunes
7z e iTunes64Setup.exe -r

REM This is the problem component

REM optional

REM optional

REM optional

REM the main installer

Note this needs to be run from the command line, which can be found from typing ‘cmd’ in windows search box. This script also assumes that the original iTunes installer is in your ‘username’\downloads directory. It also assumes that your have 7zip installed and is in your %PATH% environment variable (If 7zip is installed, it should already be on your path).